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Paso Robles 2004 Awards

6/10/2004 - 6/12/2004


SP6110047.jpg (578x480; 54522 bytes)
Known1: 2nd Che Barnes
SP6110048.jpg (622x480; 68374 bytes)
Known1: 1st Marilyn Dash
SP6120093.jpg (422x480; 54680 bytes)
Known2: 2nd Marilyn Dash
SP6120094.jpg (471x480; 51580 bytes)
Known2: 1st Che Barnes
SP6120100.jpg (640x367; 59629 bytes)
Overall: 1st Che Barnes, 2nd Marilyn Dash


SP6110050.jpg (554x480; 55385 bytes)
Known1: 2nd Jeff Jewell
SP6110051.jpg (500x452; 47333 bytes)
Known1: 1st Drew Detsch
SP6120083.jpg (458x470; 53246 bytes)
SP6120084.jpg (488x480; 54125 bytes)
Known2: 2nd Gary Meermans
SP6120085.jpg (488x480; 54125 bytes)
Known2: 1st Drew Detsch
SP6120098.jpg (457x480; 65778 bytes)
Known3: 2nd Jeff Jewell
SP6120099.jpg (519x480; 58221 bytes)
Known3: 1st Gary Meermans
SP6120101.jpg (640x383; 65860 bytes)
Overall: 3rd Gray Brandt, 2nd Jeff Jewell, 1st Gary Meermans


SP6110052.jpg (639x480; 61425 bytes)
Known: 3rd Bob Blackwood
SP6110065.jpg (591x480; 69224 bytes)
Known: 2nd Todd Whitmer
SP6110053.jpg (541x480; 52456 bytes)
Known: 1st Melissa A
SP6120077.jpg (476x480; 65145 bytes)
Free: 3rd Malcom Pond
SP6120078.jpg (454x480; 49830 bytes)
Free: 2nd Melissa A
SP6120079.jpg (461x480; 49517 bytes)
Free: 1st Todd Whitmer
SP6120090.jpg (393x480; 63830 bytes)
Unknown: 3rd Kurt Haukohl
SP6120091.jpg (563x480; 91971 bytes)
"Real Gentlemen fly bi-planes"
SP6120092.jpg (528x480; 61393 bytes)
Unknown: 2nd Bob Blackwood
SP6120089.jpg (527x480; 54549 bytes)
Unknown: 1st Malcom Pond
SP6120104.jpg (640x369; 61746 bytes)
Overall: 3rd Malcom Pond, 2nd Melissa A, 1st Todd Whitmer


SP6110054.jpg (502x480; 49953 bytes)
Known: 3rd Mike Steveson
SP6110055.jpg (600x480; 54993 bytes)
Known: 1st Jeff Boerboon
SP6120080.jpg (479x480; 45757 bytes)
Free: 3rd Mike Steveson
SP6120081.jpg (463x480; 41299 bytes)
Free: 2nd Jeff Boerboon
SP6120082.jpg (445x480; 50721 bytes)
Free: 1st Dennis Foster
SP6120095.jpg (428x480; 51017 bytes)
Unknown: 3rd Dennis Foster
SP6120096.jpg (428x480; 52796 bytes)
Unknown: 2nd Robbie Gibbs
SP6120097.jpg (463x480; 54828 bytes)
Unknown: 1st Jeff Boerboon
SP6120106.jpg (640x472; 68167 bytes)
Overall: 3rd Robbie Gibbs, 2nd Dennis Foster, 1st Jeff Boerboon


SP6110057.jpg (546x480; 53745 bytes)
Known: 3rd Bob Meyer
SP6110058.jpg (475x480; 44295 bytes)
Known: 2nd Vicki Cruse
SP6110059.jpg (640x381; 47734 bytes)
Known: 1st Norm DeWitt
SP6110062.jpg (514x480; 49757 bytes)
Free: 3rd Norm DeWitt
SP6110063.jpg (534x480; 52458 bytes)
Free: 2nd Marta Meyer
SP6110064.jpg (525x480; 40687 bytes)
Free: 1st Bob Meyer
SP6120086.jpg (420x480; 43921 bytes)
Unknown: 3rd Vicki Cruse
SP6120087.jpg (640x428; 63204 bytes)
Unknown: 2nd Norm DeWitt
SP6120088.jpg (497x480; 53551 bytes)
Unknown: 1st Bob Meyer
SP6120107.jpg (640x409; 55462 bytes)
Overall: 3rd Vicki Cruse, 2nd Norm DeWitt, 1st Bob Meyer

Other Awards

SP6120103.jpg (338x480; 33499 bytes)
Earnst Belt: Stephane Nguyen
SP6120105.jpg (321x480; 48517 bytes)
Pitts Trophy: Melissa A
SP6120108.jpg (346x480; 35354 bytes)
4-min Free: Bob Meyer
SP6120109.jpg (336x480; 26995 bytes)
Grass Roots: Gray Brandt
SP6120110.jpg (640x390; 70773 bytes)
School Trophy: The Suderman Group
SP6120111.jpg (640x386; 64829 bytes)
Chapter Trophy: Chapter 49
SP6120112.jpg (479x480; 65893 bytes)
Contest Director: Allyson Parker-Lauck
SP6110060.jpg (616x480; 55665 bytes)
Best 1st Time Primary: Che Barnes

All Pictures by: Peter Jensen

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