IAC38 Group Pictures

Todd presenting at Chapter meeting

13 steps to a perfect snap roll

Todd on how to do your own maintenance

Tracy critique/BBQ

Todd on maintenance

Tracy critique/BBQ

Angie ready for Mt. Everest

Lots of families and dogs

Dougm Stephane, Greg

Angie, Greg, and Ben

Marilyn holds court

Darren and daughter


Allyson's WAC fund-raiser

Ben, Che, Dale, and Kate

Allyson manning the raffle table. Eric considering how many opera tickets to buy

Norm presents the 2005 US WAC team

Allyson & Terry

Sal and Jamie @ Marilyn's Paso Post Party

Tom at the Paso Post Party

Marilyn and her local fan club

Darren, Brian, and Mike taking off

Angie and Alex's hangar - Post Paso Party

Che and Howard

Darren's daughter bringing some beer to Daddy

Rich trying out if he still remembers how to use a skateboard

Dale and some guy from Oz (Ben)

Darren and Che

Darren introducing Allyson

Good sized at August-2005 chapter meeting

Allyson tells us about her WAC adventure

Breakfast in Petaluma (Dennis' airport)


Che's day-job vehicle

X-mas Party @ Allan Silver

Tom wins the big elephant gift