Pine Mountain Lake Airshow

June 3, 2006

Airshow and fund-raiser for Todd Whitmer. Lots of performers; Howard Kirker, Jacquie Warda, Dave Watson, Melissa A., Jason W., Doug Jardine, Rocky Hill, Todd Whitmer, Vicky Benzing,...

Raffle booth

Judy and Darren

Mike Davis taking off

Low Pass

Performer briefing

Vicky Benzing's hangar

Vicky Benzing

Todd Whitmer & Wayne Handley

Jacquie, ?, Melissa

Howard Kirker

and his Gravity Machine


Spectator area

Dave Watson

Howard doing a humpty

and a sharktooth

and a half cuban

and a split S

Doug Jardine

Todd doing a picture perfect half cuban

Melissa taking off

Wayne = airboss

Melissa landing