Electronic Mailing List

IAC Chapter 38 has created an electronic mailing list to provide members with important information in real-time, as it becomes available, so members are always up to date on happenings in the aerobatic community and in Chapter 38 in particular.

If you would like to be added to the IAC Chapter 38 mailing list, please send your electronic mail address to Brett Goldsmith who is currently maintaining the list. We will then add your email address to the IAC Chapter 38 directory.

You may also subscribe yourself to the list by sending a message to members-subscribe@iac38.org.

To remove your address from the list, you can send a message to members-unsubscribe@iac38.org.

More instructions are available by sending an email to members-help@iac38.org.

Please also review our Acceptable Use Policy for the IAC38 email list.

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Last updated: Tue 3/20/2006

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