Suggested Reading

cover cover cover
Advanced Aerobatics
by Geza Szurovy & Mike Goulian
Basic Aerobatics
by Geza Szurovy & Mike Goulian
by Neil Williams
cover cover cover
The Basic Aerobatic Manual
by William K. Kershner
Emergency Maneuver Training
by Rich Stowell
Inside the Sky: A Meditation on Flight
by William Langewiesche
cover cover cover
Stick & Rudder
by William Langewiesche
Fire and Air: A Life on the Edge
by Patty Wagstaff, Ann L. Cooper
Slipping the Surly Bonds
by Dave English
cover cover cover
Better Aerobatics
by Alan Cassidy
new  Conventional Gear:
Flying A Taildragger

by David Robson
new  Skydancing: Aerobatic
Flight Techniques

by David Robson &
French Connection
new  Peak Performance
for Aerobatics

by Fred Delacerda et al

Also don't miss these fine volumes:

The Compleat Taildragger Pilot by Harvey S. Plourde

Conquest of Lines and Symmetry: Aerobatics by Duane Cole

Roll Around A Point: Aerobatics by Duane Cole

Surviving Spins by Fred Delacerda

The World Aerobatics Championships by Don Berliner

Other recommended items:

Red Book Blue Book Aresti6
IAC Official Contest Rules (aka the "Red Book") FAI Aerobatic Catalog (aka the "Blue Book") Aresti 6 from Alan Cassidy
Call the EAA at 1-800-843-3612 to order. Call the EAA at 1-800-843-3612 to order, or click here to download the PDF file.

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