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sample chart Aerobatic Box Corners

Allows you to compute the GPS coordinates for an aerobatic box. Written by Peter Jensen (thanks Peter).

sample chart Partnership / Expense model (MS Excel required)

This spreadsheet allows the user to input expense variables and compare the costs of owning vs. renting, as well as analyze the impact of partnerships. As with any model, the quality and accuracy of the output depends on the accuracy of the variables.

sample form NASA Form (Adobe Acrobat required)

Often referred to in jest as a "get out of jail free card", the NASA form allows pilots to document airspace and some FAR violations that resulted from ambiguity, obscurity, or imprecision in interpreting data on aeronautical charts. Does not prevent FAA from recording/filing event, but may prevent FAA from taking action against your pilot certificate.

Certificate Number Change (Adobe Acrobat required)

File this form if you want to change your pilot certificate number to something other than your social security number.

D. Yugo's W&B page Dennis Yugo's awesome Pitts S-1S Weight and Balance Calculator - Java applet.

click for sample graph Pitts S-2B Weight & Balance Calculations (MS Excel required)

This spreadsheet allows the user to input weight and arm values and chart the CG envelope. While the file is currently setup for the Pitts S-2B, the calculations can be modified for any aircraft. Originally designed by Chris Nehls.

Please note: always check your aircraft's operating manual for actual values and weight and balance information. This file is offered for analysis and entertainment only, not to be used for actual flight planning. IAC Chapter 38, its members, officers, or affiliates offers no certification or guarantee as to the accuracy of the results obtained from this model.

prop tip speed Propeller Efficiency Calculator from P. Ponk Aviation.

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