Aerobatic Box Corners

Peter Jensen

This web page allows you to compute the GPS coordinates for an aerobatic box.

Fill in the required information in the table below and click 'Compute'.

The information required is: box direction, box size, and one reference point. The box direction is the true direction (not magnetic). The box size is the length of one side indicated in feet. The radio button next to the reference point must be checked and the latitude and longitude must be provided for that point.

GPS coordinates must be provided in the DDD-MM.XXXX format (degrees, minutes, and fractional minutes. Latitudes are assumed to be North and longitudes are assumed to be West. This will cover all of North America.

The arrow on the left indicates the box direction.

The following box coordinates are available. The GPS coordinates will be filled in when the name is clicked. For others, just enter the data and click 'Compute'.

    New Jerusalem, CA

Box Size

Box Direction
(true deg)

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